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HVAC Technical Art Learning
Center Courses

Our 5+1 module subject based training program is designed to teach an unskilled person the necessary skills needed to begin a career in the exciting, high paying HVAC field in a shorter amount of time than other learning institutions. Our accelerated program is both beneficial and successful for all students. Below are the classes covered in our 5+1 program.

Develop skills that will last a lifetime
Learn to communicate effectively
Discover leading edge
technological advances
HVAC 101

Our HVAC 101 class serves as the preliminary course designed to take a student, without any previous mechanical knowledge, and teach them the basics required to succeed in the following courses. It covers general information that students can build upon to reach their career goal in the heating and cooling industries. This is the first step in obtaining an EPA certification that is necessary to work in the HVAC industry.
Electrical Technology

Our Electrical Technology course is critical in today’s ever changing and advancing technical world. This class provides students the ability to read and comprehend basic and advanced wiring diagrams and trouble shoot electrical systems.

This knowledge and understandability will contribute to their success in the highly competitive heating and cooling industries.


Our Refrigeration Technology class provides students with a complete understanding of refrigeration. This is absolutely necessary for any technician intending to diagnose and repair cooling problems in an HVAC system.

Due to the increasing number of refrigerant types and new equipment styles, this class is imperative for any technician looking to work with both high and low pressure systems. During this course, students will learn safety, troubleshooting, refrigerant reclamation procedures, and other skills necessary to perform successfully in this arena.


Our Heating Technology course focuses on the efficiencies and complexities of new furnaces and heat pumps as they continually advance in the industry. This class will teach students about the dangers and cautions associated with fossil fuel burning furnaces, safety and maintenance procedures, trouble shooting techniques, and repair processes.
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