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HVAC Technical Art Learning Center Courses
Our Unitary Learning Module subject based training program is designed to take almost any unskilled person with a little mechanical aptitude and instill in him or her the necessary skills needed to begin a career in the exciting, high paying HVAC field in a shorter amount of time than other learning institutions. Our accelerated step by step technical excellence program is based on proven techniques, processes and procedures developed by years of hands-on experience and is delivered by the finest technical instructors in the country in an easy to learn and understand format consisting of both class room and laboratory experience.

The Technical Arts Center Programs are designed to cover virtually every aspect of a
technicians career and is formatted into the Learning Modules listed below;

 Fast Start Maintenance Specialist
 Air Conditioning Specialist
 Heating Specialist
 Electrical Specialist
 Trouble Shooting Specialist
 Master Trouble Shooter

Air Conditioning Specialist
Our Air Conditioning Specialist Program class provides students with a complete understanding of the air conditioning and refrigeration cycle. These basics are an absolute necessity for any technician intending to diagnose and repair cooling problems in an HVAC system.

Any modern HVAC specialist needs the complete and thorough understanding of how to handle all refrigerants that is delivered in this program so any situation that should arise in the field can be handled. Due to the increasing number of refrigerant types and new equipment styles being developed today, this class is a critical part of any technician’s education and development that will enable them to work with both high and low pressure systems. During this course, students will learn safety, troubleshooting, refrigerant reclamation procedures, and other skills necessary to successfully perform service work on virtually any residential and light commercial air conditioning system.

Heating Specialist
The Heating Specilaist Program focuses on how to properly diagnose and repair problems in existing heating systems and includes learning the skills needed to understand the complexities of new furnaces and heat pumps as they continually change due to regulatory and design changes. This program will enable the attendee to comprehend the inherent dangers associated with fossil fuel burning furnaces, the correct safety and maintenance procedures, trouble shooting techniques, and repair processes on natural gas, LP and oil fired heating systems..

Electrical Specialist
With ever changing and advancing technologies and processes the Electrical Specialist Program is critical in the development of today’s HVAC Technical Specialist. This dynamic and ever updating program develops the attendees skill levels to the point where a successful graduate has the ability to read and comprehend both the basic concepts and diagrams utilized in older systems and the advanced wiring and communicating controls contained in the most advanced systems being installed. They will also discover how to trace down most electrical problems in the vast array of systems in the field today and successfully trouble shoot most basic and advanced electrical systems.

The knowledge and skills learned in this unique program will help any technician achieve greater success and become even more valuable as a system specialist in the highly competitive heating and cooling business.

Trouble Shooting Specialist
Service calls from a customer with no heat or no cooling present a vast array of complex issues for technicians in the industry today.

With the proliferation of brands and technologies created by manufacturers in the past, finding the cause of the service problem (and just as important the underlying issues that created the problem) can become both time consuming and mentally exhausting for technicians without a basic command of trouble shooting skills and knowledge. In the Trouble Shooting Specialist Program the attendee will learn basic techniques to isolate the primary cause of the problem quickly and easily then perform a complete trouble shooting assessment on the equipment to uncover any hidden issues that could cause the problem to reoccur or create other service problems in the future, thereby increasing customer satisfaction levels, improving the company’s bottom line profitability and eliminating many costly non-revenue generating call backs.

Installation Specialist
The Installation Specialist Program is critical to our student’s ability to have a successful career in the heating and cooling industries. According to most major manufacturer’s and also Consumer Publications, installation techniques and skills determine up to 80% of an HVAC system’s performance. The knowledge gained in this hands on, enhanced energy related skills rich program is sure to make the graduating attendee one of the most valuable installation experts in the field today and is something that the attendees will be able to quickly put into practice as soon as they successfully graduate from this program.

This unique, heavily hands on balanced program will cover the most common installation techniques in both new construction and replacement, how to overcome many existing design flaws to improve system performance in a replacement job, the importance of achieving proper air balance for improved comfort and efficiency and the understanding of duct and equipment layout, design, and high performance installation.

Customer Service and Communication Skills
This 2-day course is designed to provide students the ability to properly educate a customer and take care of their needs while positively portraying a professional image for the employing company.

In today’s competitive market, it is imperative that a technician appear professional and courteous to their customers at all time. In this class, the student will learn how to effectively communicate with a customer to fully educate them on the technical problems found with the existing system, the probable causes of the technical problems and the necessary tasks that must be performed to repair the existing system.

This program is designed around the acclaimed “Perfect Service Call” process.

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