About Technical Arts Center

According to many trade magazines one of the leading causes of concern for the future of both the HVAC and Plumbing business is the lack of qualified field technicians available and the prospect of finding even fewer in the future.

Today it’s up to you to:

About Technical Arts Center
  • Recruit
  • Hire
  • Train
  • Motivate and
  • Build your own Technicians

How in the world do you do that, along with running your business every day?

Luckily for you…you don’t have to do that anymore!


Prepare Technicians for Excellence!

The Technical Arts Center can personally hand craft a Systems Specialist exclusively for your company…and best of all it’s quick, efficient and cost effective!

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Specializing in custom crafting productive HVAC Specialists for the Heating & Cooling Industry with subject specific Learning Modules including:

  • Technician Fast Start Program
  • Air Conditioning Specialist
  • Heating Specialist
  • Troubleshooting Technology

Coming Soon:

  • Installation Specialist
  • Plumbing Fast Start Program

The Technical Arts Center utilizes proven techniques to create high quality HVAC technicians able to perform well in the field in a remarkably short period of time.

It was founded by Joe Cunningham, who is an award winning industry expert with over 20 years experience in the HVAC industry.


About Joe Cunningham

Joe has worked at every level of the industry from the contracting business through the distribution and manufacturing end with 2 major manufacturers.

Joe is a past President of the Future University, a premiere training school in the heating and cooling business and was a major driving force and participant in the industry’s first consolidation of publicly traded HVAC companies.

Joe is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Contracting Business Consultant Of The Year Award, and in 2016 Joe was named as one of the Top 15 Most Influential People in the HVAC Industry. 

Joe is one of the most respected and trusted training consultants in the HVAC business and is a strategic training ally for the Trane Company and American Standard.


Why is the Technical Arts Center Better?

The Technical Arts Center utilizes proprietary subject based training: a process in which a student learns all of the parts and basic pieces necessary to become a more knowledgeable technician capable of performing a task and discovering the underlying causes of a part or equipment failure.

Subjects are dissected and delivered in such a manner that the student will be knowledgeable in many facets of the industry.

Since heating and cooling consists of a multipart system rather than a single component, the training made available must itself be broken down to cover the specifics in each individual aspect of the heating and cooling process.

Learning basics segmented into individual subjects allow a student to more fully internalize knowledge necessary to both diagnose and repair problems.


How Does It Work?

Our accelerated step-by-step technical excellence program is based on proven techniques, processes, and procedures developed by years of hands-on experience. It is delivered by the finest technical instructors in the country in an easy to learn and understand format consisting of both classroom and laboratory experience in our Houston, TX facility.

Through special arrangements with a local hotel, attendees receive a discounted nightly rate, free breakfast, and free shuttle service to and from the school. We will provide lunch on site.  See the programs page for complete details. 


How Is The Training Delivered?

The Technical Arts Center has developed a Unitary Learning Module subject-based training program that is designed to take almost any person with a little mechanical aptitude and provide the necessary skills to begin a career in the HVAC field in a shorter amount of time than other learning institutions.

And an even greater added feature is that the Technical Arts Center is the only tech development school around that has an actual operating HVAC service company attached to it. So, if a company chooses to invest a little more time with their students, the attendees can run live service calls with a trained technician in the field.

The Technical Arts Center is in beautiful Houston Texas, the air conditioning capital of the world and is conveniently located just 20 minutes from the Houston Intercontinental Airport. Houston is a major hub city and has plenty of inexpensive flights to, and from, every part of the country.

Arrangements have been made with Holiday Inn Express to facilitate your prospective technicians stay for the program and transportation to the center will be provided.

The schedule rotates seasonally so you can take advantage of every season.


About Jesse Vega

The Technical Arts Center is managed and maintained by one of the leading Instructors and Curriculum Directors in the world, Jesse Vega.

Jesse Vega is both a leader and innovator when it comes to teaching technical skills. Jesse has tremendous technical and teaching skills and an unparalleled background. He has been a technician, a business owner, and an inspector, is an EPA and NATE proctor, and is an acclaimed industry educator who not only teaches his students but motivates them to want to learn and try harder than their competition!

Jesse's classes are exciting, educational and, most importantly, the highest percentage of hands on skill building of any program in the country.

When it comes to turning out top notch technicians, the Technical Arts Center has no equal!