Technical Girl with AC

I have known Joe Cunningham for over 25 years and have used his training programs in all areas of my company. His training has helped my company grow and prosper. I’d recommend him to anyone.

 - Ben S Ft Worth TX

Joe’s training has helped my technicians to become both great communicators and fantastic technicians. If you don’t send your techs to Joe Cunningham’s programs you are really missing out on a lot of profits!

 - Steve M St Louis, MO

I’ve known Joe Cunningham for nearly 20 years and used his services at our distributorship to help our dealers grow their businesses. It’s my opinion that Joe’s programs are the best available in the industry.

 - Frank G, Dallas TX

Joe Cunningham and his training programs have taken our service department from barely breaking even into a money producing department that gets rave reviews from our customers!

 - Brian B, Ft Worth

The programs that Joe created have turned my guys into knowledgeable techs in no time flat!

 - Glen S, Riverview

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