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Whether you're starting with a new hire, or building up your current staff, it's important to continually assess each person's knowledge. Especially when considering a new hire you need to determine just how much experience they have. You can easily measure their experience level with my Technical Skills and Evaluation Assessment CD. For only $129.99 this CD will let you test and assess their skill levels to determine what, if any, training they may need. It's also a great tool for assessing your current staff's knowledge. 

My Technical Skills Assessment and Evaluation CD is easy to use!  Simply put the CD into your computer, and let your applicant (or current technician) answer the questions on the screen. Upon completion, you will see their test score and know exactly how much or how little training they need. No more guessing at what your current or future technician's current skill level is. Use it on every technician you hire!


To get started, fill out the order form below and return it to Joe Cunningham at You will recieve your CD in 7-10 days. Start building a more dynamic competent technical team in your company today!



Skills Assessment and Evaluation CD


The Technical Arts Center utilizes proven technicques to create high quality HVAC technicians able to perform well in the field in a remarkably short period of time. It was founded by Joe Cunningham, who is an award winning industry expert with over 20 years experience in the HVAC industry. Joe is a past President of the Future University, a premiere training school in the heating and cooling business and was a major driving force and participant in the industry's first consolidation of publicly traded HVAC companies. 

Joe is a two-time recipient of the presitgious Contracting Business Consultant of the Year Award, and in 2016 Joe was named as one of the Top 15 Most Influential People in the HVAC Industry. 

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